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Remodeling Contracts for Remodels: Are you doing a remodel in SF for under 250K?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The remodel business in the bay area has become increasingly difficult for all parties involved, owners, architects, developers, and even contractors. As a homeowner, you may have moved into a new home in the Bay Area and are lucky enough to have saved $250k over the last couple of years for a home remodel. You might think that is enough for a full remodel, and in most parts of the country, you can buy a whole house for that price. However, after numerous attempts to make everyone happy doing remodels in that price range, I found that the Architect’s role becomes more about managing expectations than creating an environment that brings joy to the clients’ lives. As a creative, this is hugely frustrating for me to be so limited to the types of services I can offer my clients at that price range. Instead of letting go of working in the residential remodeling market, I decided to try something new. I am making a how-to guide for owners below the $250,000 remodel budget that are somewhat design-savvy and have great project management skills. If this is you and you want to pull up your sleeves and become part of the process, let me help guide you!

I will set you up with all the steps and be available on an hourly rate to help as needed throughout your project. This allows you to save on architectural fees and reinvest that into your project without sacrificing quality. Book me for a consultation. I am excited to help you on this incredible journey to your dream home.

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