Residential Services

There's a lot of information out there. It can be exhausting to try and figure out what to trust and how it relates to you. It can be difficult even to know where to start. If you want some specific knowledge from a local architect, I am happy to answer all questions and/or guide you to the right resources. I can help you understand the architecture and building process, how to select the right team to work with, and what it will take to get your ideas into a completed project, on time and under budget.


Residential & Commerical Site planning & development services

Looking at more than one site and need help choosing the best location? We can help with that. We can do feasibility studies for each site and help evaluate which is the best one based on a number of factors. 
We will research the cities and neighborhoods from macro and micro aspects. Looking at planning and design councils, going on-site to get a feel for the community, and checking each site out for views, topography, road conditions, and immediate neighborhoods. Once we have finished the site sourcing and have presented you with the findings and you have acquired a property we can help with the development of the infrastructure for that property regardless if it is raw land or has some current infrastructure.  



Modern Restoration

Periana Architecture has traveled all the way to Paris to dig through the achieves at Le Corbusier Foundation. Through that research, we have been able to help decipher what Le Corbusier’s intentions for the Maison Errazuriz through the conceptual drawings he created for that project and the constitution drawings for several projects that were done in a similar time frame, concept, and materiality. 

We have worked on restorations projects for Richard Neutra, R.M. Schindler, Mies Van der Rohe, and Le Corbusier. If you have acquired or want to build an unbuilt project by any of these architects please let us know, we are the architect for you. We love doing research and getting to know any modern architects from the 20th century.


Workplace Service

Space Planning:

Looking at more than one space and need help choosing the best location? We translating your program needs into multiple floor layouts for the different sites and going through the pros and cons of each.

Interior Design:

To reach the visions of a client, the designers at Periana Architecture are responsible for not only the interior space and materials but the furniture, fixtures, lighting, branding and signage. Often, these items are custom created specifically for our client’s needs. Through renderings, colored floor plans, interiors, exteriors and material sourcing, Periana Architects offers a comprehensive design direction for the client adding a layer of creativity and comprehensive problem solving to create something beyond the clients expectations.  



Gerald V Casale/ Devo Founder 

“Preservation, Persistence, Passion - Periana! I have had the pleasure of working on a project that can only be described as a labor of love on Merissa's part. We have been working together on a famous unbuilt masterpiece for over seven years. Other designers and consultants have joined the team, left the team, been dismissed from the team, but Merissa's undying interest and tenacity to see this project through have made me appreciate her abilities as an architect. She has managed multiple design and construction team members, designed and detailed the project with respect to the original incomplete design, and pushed me - among others - to give our best efforts to this project. On top of all her abilities, she is a pleasure to work with! You will not be disappointed with her thoughtful, holistic approach to design and execution if you work with her."

Anders Carlson / Principal at HOK