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Stoke House


850 sqft
Main Residence Remodel
Transforming Midcentury Chic: A Glamorous Remodel for an Emmy-Winning Director's Family

Welcome to the Rebirth of Midcentury Modern Elegance

Transforming a classic midcentury modern home into a breathtaking haven for a family of four, spearheaded by none other than an Emmy-winning director. This project is not just a renovation; it's a celebration of style, functionality, and family living.

Embracing Timeless Glamour

With a nod to the past and a vision for the future, our client sought to infuse their home glamour while preserving the iconic midcentury charm. Think sleek lines, elegant curves, and luxurious textures—all elements synonymous with the timeless allure of Hollywood's golden era.

Expanding Boundaries: A Spacious Kitchen and Workplace Nook

Understanding the needs of a busy family, the heart of this renovation lies in expanding the kitchen and creating a dedicated workplace nook. Now a sprawling hub of culinary creativity, the kitchen boasts ample space for cooking, dining, and gathering. Warm green, brown, and beige hues wrap around the space, evoking a sense of earthy sophistication and inviting warmth.

Adjacent to the kitchen, a cozy workplace nook emerges, providing the perfect sanctuary for the client to immerse themselves in creative endeavors while staying connected to the pulse of family life. Here, functionality meets elegance, as custom-built shelves and ergonomic design elements blend seamlessly with the home's overall aesthetic.

Materials that Whisper Elegance

Throughout the remodel, careful consideration was given to every material choice, ensuring a cohesive blend of comfort and sophistication. Rich walnut woods, sumptuous leather accents, and plush textiles come together to create an opulent and inviting atmosphere. Every detail exudes understated luxury, from the sleek marble countertops to the lustrous brass fixtures.

A Sanctuary for Family Bonding

Beyond the glamorous facade lies a home designed for real-life living—a sanctuary where family bonds are nurtured and memories are made. Whether cozying up by the fireplace on a chilly evening or gathering around the kitchen island for impromptu cooking sessions, this space is a testament to the beauty of shared moments and meaningful connections.


In the end, this remodel is more than just a renovation—it reflects the client's vision, passion, and unwavering commitment to creating a home that is as functional as it is fabulous. With its seamless blend of midcentury chic and contemporary glamour, this home stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of design done right.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of transformation. Here's to embracing the past, celebrating the present, and creating a future filled with endless possibilities.

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